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JOYSPA Rises In Excellence In The First Chinese Brands Day

May 10 is being marked as the nation's first Chinese Brands Day, which aims to publicize brands owned independently by Chinese companies and attach greater importance to brand building in the country.The decision by the State Council to introduce Chinese Brands Day was made in response to a request filed by the National Development and Reform Commission, China's top economic regulator.

The celebration comes at a time when the phrase "Made in China" has come of age. Nowadays often adorning leading as well as high-tech and world-beating goods, among others, it has evolved into an international attention-grabbing marketing epithet. Chinese brands are now pushing the boundaries of excellence in quality and companies are devoted to increasing brand values and promoting the overall images of their products.

One such company is QINGYUAN KASDALY SANITARY WARE CO., LTD., China's leading spa,hot tub, swim spa, sand filter and integrated filtration system manufacturer.JOYSPA continues to increase its brand value.JOYSPA brand continue its long march overseas, derive a significant proportion of their revenues from sales abroad. 

Through a tough brand building and innovation in the past one decade,JOYSPA achieved a 20-25% revenue growth year on year,despite the difficulty of the world financial crisis.  Let's work together to offer a better brand product and experience to our end user worldwide.

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