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Advanced American Balboa Spa Control System

Advanced American Balboa Spa Control System


Balboa Advanced Hot Tub Control Systems

100% Energy Effcient
• Energy Saving Off-Peak Programmable Modes
• European/AU Safety Approvals
• Advanced M7® Smart Control Technology
• Over 2 Million Systems Installed Worldwide
• Customizable Topside Panel Overlay

Proven reliablity-advanced control system with M7 smart sensor technology
With over 2 million controls in spas worldwide utilizing the M7® technology,the GS series of spa control systems are built using patented M7® Smart Sensor water flow technology and deliver maximum performance and satisfaction. The GS series is a universal control platform, increasing feature
flexibility and reducing confguration headaches. With this combination of our patented M7® temperature and water flow sensing technology, BWG leads the industry in quality and reliability.

With Balboa¡¯s 100% energy effcient heating system and programmable fltration cycles the user is in control of when the tub operates. Take advantage of off-peak rates to reduce your energy consumption. The GS system also comes standard with additional energy saving modes including Sleep & Economy settings which can further reduce energy usage.

Worry free installations
In addition to the simplifed wiring design, Balboa has eliminated plumbing installation problems too. Balboa¡¯s patented M7® heaters are designed so they can be installed on the pressure or vacuum side of the pumps and also support circulation pump confgurations. The GS also supports all European voltages and can accommodate 1 to 3 phases and up to 50 Amps of current.(Confgurations include: Single Service 1 x 16 or 1 x 32 Amp or Dual service 2 x 16 Amp TN & TT Electrical systems that accommodates 5 wires ¨C 2 Lines+ 2 Neutrals + Protective Earth).

Convenience devices
The GS system has built in support for multiple auxiliary devices including additional:LED lights,TV lifts,control panels,ozonator,stereo,dolphin romote

The selling price of a spa pack system is only a fraction of its comprehensive liftime cost Equipment failure and servicing costs can be staggering over the life of a product. That¡¯s why Balboa builds the highest reliability products available and even provides remote diagnostic tools to help OEM manufacturers and service technicians cut costs in the installation and repair processes.

Safer Topside Panel Operation - Piezo® Switches
The VL Series of topside panels were designed to work with the GS (Global) Series of hot tub control systems. These panels use Balboa¡¯s patented Piezo moisture proof technology that operates without electrical current at the switch. That allows the panel to be installed facing the inside of the tub for ease-of-use by the tub owner. The Piezo is also four times larger than the average membrane switch, which makes it the perfect size for a fngertips.Moisture can cause premature failure of a membrane switch no matter how small. Balboa¡¯s patented Piezo switch technology makes our panels more reliable due to its design with no moving parts, no contacts, no air gaps and no electrical current to cause problems. The panels support the advanced functions of the GS controls that use Balboa¡¯s patented M7® temperature and flow sensor technology and the universal control platform. The sleek panels have LCD graphical displays with moving function indicator icons, maintenance reminders and service alerts on the easy-to-read screen and can have customized overlay for building your own brand image.

Fpr more info about the BALBOA spa control please download the following file BALBOA SPA CONTROL.rar

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